ANTRACT Band was founded on 1984 by Bobiţă Cătuşanu at Rm. Vâlcea.
The component of the band for the first two albumes "Antract"(1994) and "Blestem"(1999) had, besides Bobiţă and Paul, the brothers Cristian and Zelu Iordan (guitar and drums) and Robert Constantinescu (keys).

In 1997, to replace Iordan brothers were brought Ilie "Manole" Vlad (ex-Riff) at guitar and Sorin Scorvelciu (ex-Riff) at drums, the last one was replaced soon by Arthur Fleischer (ex-Moon Factory-Germany).

"Înainte de toate"(1999) is the title of the third album of Antract Band. The 11 songs are clearly different from previous albums from the viewpoint of artistic expression. At the beginning of 2000 the band made a little change of its component, Arthur Fleischer has retreated from the band and he was replaced by Florin "Pefi" Pop at drums.

In 2000 the band launched the single "Inima mea", whose video succeeded to climb on the first position in the tops. Antract started 2001 with a new drum player, Andrei Bărbulescu (ex Sarmalele Reci), and the new album was "Amintiri"(2001), with 6 love songs. For the fifth album, "Nou"(2003), recorded by MediaPro Music, was coopted Szabi Bozsoky, a new drum player, the collaboration didn’t last long, he was replaced by Cosmin Cadar, a drummmer with exquisite musical and human attributes, who fitted very well with the band, but, unfortunately, in 2011 he chose to go to Germany.

Meanwhile the band has completed the composition to five formula, taking at keys Fernando Drăgănici.

The band, founded by Bobiţă Cătuşanu when he was 14 years old, grows up from artistic point of view, gathered a rich musical experience, gained along the time in countless concerts performed in the entire country, experience materialized into a new album "Live 20"(2004), recorded by MediaPro Music, the playlist compound most hits of the band. The album express clear the evolution of the band along the time with songs like: "Sărută-mă", "Din prima zi", "Singur", "Taci, mă, femeie!", "Eşti frumoasă", "Singurătate", "Inima mea", "M-am obişnuit" and other known songs of the band, like the newest hit, "Cârciumăreasa".

The album "Contraste"(2006), is the 7-th material signed Antract and the second multimedia format after "Amintiri", it contains besides the 9 songs also two videos: "Ca şi cum" and "Înger", which is also the first single extras from the album "Contraste". For this play, Antract had a contribution from the American actress Jenny Molen, who is the character of the video.

In 2009 was launched the second live material of the band: "Antract 25"(2009). In the band also performed, with important contributions: Paul Balanca - voice (1990 - 1994), Andreea Neh - voice (1985 - 1987), Daniel Nicolăescu – guitar (1986 - 1988), Tiberiu Cioacă (1985 - 1992) and Lucian Văcaru (1988 - 1992), Razvan Gorcinski (2011 - 2014).

Antract performed on the biggest rock stages in România, together with some great names of the international rock like:
1992 - Uriah Heep
1994 - Jetro Tull, Saxon, Paradise Lost
1998 - Ronnie Jammes Dio
1999 - Monster Magnet
1999 - Metallica
2006 - Helloween


Studio albums:

ANTRACT - 1994 Electrecord
BLESTEM - 1995 Vivo Music
ÎNAINTE DE TOATE - 1999 Zone Records
AMINTIRI - 2001 Zone Records
NOU - 2003 MediaPro Music
CONTRASTE - 2006 Intercont Music
LASA-TE DUS - 2018M - Lee Music Production

Live albums:

ANTRACT LIVE 20 - 2004 - MediaPro Music
ANTRACT LIVE 25 - 2010 - Pro Event România

The band:
Paul Radu - voice
Bobiţă Cătuşanu - bass - lider
Ilie Manole Vlad - guitar
Haris Muresan - tobe